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The Cat Fanciers’ Association, CFA, is the World’s largest registry of pedigreed cats.  CFA currently recognizes 40+ pedigreed breeds for Championship status.  Each of those breeds is unique with its own identifying characteristics, history, traditions and traits.  Each breed also has a Breed Council with is comprised of individuals who have individual experience in their specific breed and are charged with communicating the needs of their breed through the elected breed Council Secretary to the CFA Board.  The CFA Breed Councils were established to act primarily as an advisory board to the CFA Board on CFA Breed Standards. This includes issues regarding showing, registration and the breed standard itself.

Eligibility requirements, the procedures for submitting proposed amendments to the CFA Board and a description of the history of the Breed Councils in CFA and their objectives can be found at


Please note - It has come to our attention that there are a number of people who are advertising native cats from Egypt for sale as Egyptian Maus. Although CFA will register descendants from imports from Egypt, they do not accept or recognize cats that have not been proven over generations. The breed Egyptian Mau is accepted in most registries. Unless the kitten is registered or registerable in one of the major registries and can trace its lineage through a pedigree it is not, in truth considered an Egyptian Mau.  Please keep this in mind when looking for a kitten.


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Link to information regarding study on Urate Urolithiasis - Study on Urate Urolithiasis - search to identify issues related with recent studies on urate stones.  Looking for samples from as many affected and non-affected samples as possible. For details on how to submit click on link above or contact Melanie Morgan for assistance. 

Feline Genome project - search for the silver identifier - looking for samples from as many Egyptian Maus as possible. For details on how to submit click above link or contact Melanie Morgan for help.    

PK Deficiency in Egyptian Mau - We would very much like to put together a database of Cats within the breed so that we can track status if possible and would love it if you would share your results so that we can try to track all of this.  You can send results to .   We also encourage all breeders to test their cats before breeding so that we can effectively manage this and ideally breed away from it without decimating our genepool  Link to test


rescue cats -

While most Egyptian mau breeders act responsibly and do their best to take care of their cats/kittens as well as provide assistance, support and advice for their pet owners, we periodically find ourselves in a position where there are Egyptian Maus in desperate need of new homes.  Providing a home for one of these special cats can often be a win/win situation with the opportunity to do a good deed AND get the chance to experience the wonder of this incredible breed.

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Egyptian Mau Breed Council Meeting

June 27, 2014  6PM



Jill Archibald

Becki Bergeron

Karen Bishop

Laurie Coughlan

Tim Fowler

Linda Humpage

Melanie Morgan


bulletCongrats to this year’s winners –
bulletImports – Can use C.A.T.S. to register f1-3 generations from imports
bulletEgyptian Mau Summit planned for GEMS fourth weekend of July
bulletEducation row with exercises will be monitored by Susan Melia
bulletSeminar/potluck after the show to go over education cats and excercises.
bulletUpdate on the 99-lives genetic process – Egyptian Mau representing is GC BW NW Emau’s Diamonds R Forever Of Emauge. Blood has been submitted. No updates yet.
bulletAmmonium Urate project- Leslie Lyons moved and requested blood work in addition to chek swabs – that bloodwork has been sent. We await updates.
bulletSilver search – the search for the inhibitor gene continues and word is they are getting very close. 
bulletBreed Council booth updated to include additional banner with latest NWs. Thanks to Rebekka Lokke for design and Emauge for sponsoring
bulletBreed Booth present at World Show, National Capital, GEMS, Crab and Mallet, Freestate Feline Fanciers. 
bulletValidity of certified pedigrees from other associations – discussion on whether we should establish a policy as to what we should accept given obvios inaccuracies from some registries.
bulletPK Deficiency – once again we discussed the current testing procedures and need to test our breeding cats.  Also discussed lack of information and need to educate ourselves on the problem. Historically we have not seen a lot of symptoms – this was confirmed by all breeders present – none of us had a cat diagnosed with any problems consistent with the deficiency.  Discussed the  danger of overreacting and limiting the genepool but also the the need to ideally breed for NN cats. All members are urged to forward test results to for inclusion in a database tracking the status of breeding cats.
bulletBreed Council Secretary meeting with CFA Board – went over the agenda and determined that there were not any “hot” issues
bulletMember issues - none
bulletGEMS Show – update from Show manage Tim Fowler. Invitation to attend to all extended.


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Link to Urate study information