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Feline Genome project

Directions to take cheek swab sample:


Ideally a cheek swab sample should NOT be taken right after the cat has eaten!


  1. Use a clean dry Q-tip. Cut off one end. Do not touch the collection tip of the swab with your fingers.
  2. Insert the Q-tip between the cat’s cheek and gum and roll it for a couple of seconds.
  3. ALLOW Q-TIP TO AIR DRY! (otherwise it molds!)
  4. Place dried Q-tip in a clean envelope (one Q-tip/envelope).
  5. Write the name of the cat on the envelope and it’s CFA/TICA number.
  6. Fill out the sample collection sheet (sample sheet is an attachment to this e-mail). On the sample sheet provided, record number of each sample with information about the cat from which the sample was taken (breed, age, sex, any health problems).
  7. Wash hands between samplings if you take samples from more than one cat.


Both you and your cat’s identity will be kept anonymous for any of our research!


Thank you for your willingness in participating in our research. If you have any questions, my e-mail address is located below.


  1. Please ship the samples to the following address through Fedex (check the freight collect, and our Fedex account number is: 136997750)


Dr. Shujin Luo

Rm 632, School of Life Sciences, Peking University,

5 Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100871, China

cell: +86-182-1062-9824

office: +86-10-6275 2307


  1. Send the sample collection sheet to If available, please also send digital photo and pedigree of each sampled cat.


Please send information sheet in following format with samples:

Sample collection sheet

Cat Name Breed Coat Color Pattern Sex Age Notes

Please include

Your name, address, email address

pedigree of cat and picture of each cat as well  if possible







Egyptian Mau Breed Council Meeting

July 3rd, 2015  6PM



Jill Archibald

Becki Bergeron

Steve Bergeron

Karen Bishop

Laurie Coughlan

Tim Fowler

Melanie Morgan


bulletCongrats to this year’s winners – two National winners including history making first 4th generation National winner as well as five generations of BWs. first 5th generation DM, nine regional winners and twelve Regional wins, 16 grands
bulletBAOS Garden State - Breed representatives will be attending, Morgan presenting.
bulletBreed Booth - Garden State, National Capital, Freestate, CFA International
bulletUrate Study - 99 Lives project crowd funding references the study. All blood work from a complete triad has been submitted. Urge all members to continue to submit samples when they have a cat with urate stones
bulletPK Deficiency - trying to establish a database that is verified and comprehensive. While we have had a number of cats test KK, we have had no symptomatic cats to date. We continue to track these cats, but would like to get sufficient numbers to take to UD Davis or Dr Lyons to discuss possibility that the test is not conclusive for our breed.  In the meantime, we urge all breeders to test before breeding.
bulletImports - number of successful registrations via the import policy
bulletRegistration by pedigree issues - ROR listed us as 5 generations, which is default, historically we have always been 3 generations. With current issues regarding registration by pedigree, Looking in to changing to the CFA default of five generations 
bulletAOV - need to define and determine what how we want dilutes classified. Originally accepted under premise it was for tracking purposes, but not put in the system that way.
bulletBreed Council Secretary meeting with CFA Board

o   Registration issues – Tracking, troubleshooting, reporting

o   Registration by Pedigree

§  Issues with reliability

§  Process

§  Registering cats who use outcrosses – non-accepted colors (Russell)

§  How to read (Krzanowski)

o   Registration versus Entry analysis (Kallemeyer)

o   Breed Summits (Morgan))

o   Role of BC in global environments/ways to encourage membership and participation (Lambert)

o   BCS as resource

§  for Central Office (Lambert)

§  for Mentor program (Krzanowski)

o   Numbers required for Colors/Divisions (Allen)

o   Modes of Breed Council Communication – Yahoo etc. (Gause)

o   Update Color Project (Keyer)

o   Update Rules of Registration (Morgan)

bulletMember issues



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Link to Urate study information