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Breeder assistance program

Breeder Assistance Program

Definition:  This is for catteries that find themselves overwhelmed for various reasons. Under no circumstance is this to be called rescue, it is breeders helping other breeders and their cats, not rescue. Reasons for such requests for help include:
*   Number of Cats beyond care capacity
*   New Legislation in the area that affects their numbers
*   Cases of Illness, Temporary or Permanent Disability
*   Temporary loss of home
*   Acts of Nature
*   Death without provision for the animals.
Who will coordinate:
*    Head of Committee who will contact Regional Coordinators
Each region will have a coordinator for Breeder Assistance who will contact for help:
*   Breed Clubs/Council 
*   CFA Clubs
*   Individual breeders in the assistance area

Interventions for overpopulation: - If possible, perform an "intervention" to downsize cattery when breeder will continue breeding - such interventions to occur ONE TIME ONLY.   Also, provide advice on advertising cats and help with re-homing.  The breeder when able will help financially with some of the costs.  (Interventions of this type to be followed up with regularly scheduled monitoring for 6 months to a year to prevent recurrence)

 CFA Purebred Rescue will forward info of this kind to the Breeders Assistance Coordinator as long as A/C is not involved and there has been no seizure.
Breeders Assistance will contact CFA Purebred Rescue if the numbers are too large for them to handle on their own, if A/C is involved, or if the conditions are so bad and the animals so ill they cannot handle it.
Each Region will start a website or share one website searchable by region or state specifically for retired kitties to help breeders place cats no longer needed in a breeding program. (Alternatively, Committee might investigate working with and/or There will be an appropriate disclaimer to avoid liability.  Individuals will have the ability to list their own and pictures and remove them as they are placed. Funding will be needed for advertising this website, which could be organized similar to .  The Committee will evaluate local resources and plan for resources that will be needed to accomplish this. This may take some trial and error initially as the network expands and situations present themselves.

Committee will provide guidelines for placement for cats.

Committee will have a legal advisor.

Funding will be needed for veterinary services and possibly janitorial services in serious cases.

All information provided to the committee shall remain confidential within the committee.

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